Why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it.

Hi, world! It’s me!


My name is Agnieszka. You can see my full profile in social media LinkedIn, Facebook and Google + via links on this page.

I am a dynamic, outgoing and accomplished finance and regulatory compliance executive with a proven track record in overseeing all aspects of financial management and influencing the development of regulations in the energy industry. My expertise lies in leading organisations through transformation and planning and executing change strategies. I am skilled at mergers and acquisitions and have experience negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

I have a strong power of influence and excellent communication skills. People make the difference, every time, I am friendly and personable and effectively manage relationships with all stakeholders.

So, at the beginning of this year, I decide to create my own blog. Why? What for?

  • Because I have strong habits to help, other people to run their career and working life.
  • Because I have adult children, they start their working life and every day I observe how I can help them, or what problems they encounter.
  • Because I need a new challenge.
  • Because….

I’ll try to share with you: my thoughts, my ideas, my experience, maybe it will be useful for you, maybe not – we will see :).

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Before I’ll finish my first post, I would like to present you my own photographer
(my daughter) who is responsible for the most of the foto posted here.






photo: Magdalena Okońska
Magdalena Okońska – Instagram

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