New year is time to begin

What do you want to do with your life in the New Year 2017?

New Year’s resolutions is not a cliché. Many famous people from the world of business and science do it every year and try to keep their implementation. Even if our goals are repeated once again, there is no reason to resign. Not achieve anything if you stop trying!


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Today I decided to share with you a handful and useful information how to make it.

1. Visualise a map of the purposes

2. Look for a convenient form of control effects

3. Inspired spying resolutions of famous people

I gathered also some tips what is the best way to keep as long as possible New Year’s resolutions.

Here’s what to do:

1. Be realistic
Many people have a tendency to commit too ambitious, which makes the very beginning have no hope for their keeping. Psychologist Peter Herman found on this occasion a special name “false hope syndrome” – this is a recurring setting themselves unrealistic expectations, inability to implement and consequently repeated attempts to change them. Putting feasible goals is more motivating than developing and sentencing of up to fail.

2. Focus on the process, not the results
 Another problem for many of us is that we tend to set goals based on results rather than processes, investigations into the effect. Amy Cuddy – Harvard social psychologist explained to Tech Insider that if you do not achieve these results – many of which can be simply unrealistic – we can feel like a failure. So instead of determining their goals output (eg. a marathon), Cuddy is recommended to focus on the process that leads to this result. So if you want to take part in the marathon, you can set ourselves specific objectives for each week, month – extending the distance, improving fitness, and even if it does not succeed this year to run a marathon – it certainly adhering to its goals partial approach his achievements!

3. Set positive goals
Too often our resolutions may include changing negative habits and disadvantages, how overweight or poor finances. But this only reinforces negative feelings towards each other. So maybe it will be better if you concentrate on the positive things and you will enjoy their implementation, such as “learning to cook healthy homemade meals” – instead of “stop eating at fast food” or “sign up for a photography course” – instead of “will limit the time spent for browsing the Internet”. Check out these initiatives, which will make you enjoy and their side-effect will be to achieve “ulterior motives”. Finally, it is important to note that most of our provisions involve change and changes are always difficult. Psychologist Joseph Luciani notes in US News & World Report “every change involves friction and emotional stress”, and stress makes us more vulnerable to negative side effects.

Therefore, give yourself some slack and do not be too demanding for themselves in NEW YEAR !!!! Life is only one and you should always keep in mind when preparing the list of New Year resolutions.

I wish all of you Successful 2017!

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