How to successfully improve your efficiency

All the training I have ever taken in my professional life, most appreciate was the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP – The Personal Efficiency Program®). I’ve never hired so useful knowledge, which I use every day and that in a huge way not only improved my effectiveness at work, but most of all give me much greater peace of mind. This post I would like to start a series of tips that you can find in the category of Personal Effectiveness.

Almost none of us have been taught how to work (especially concerning office work). In most cases, therefore, we adopted as inappropriate habits that are difficult to change after years. Speaking of change – rather nobody does not like (well, except for me – I like change and its wind me up). From my own experience, I also know that what is in the visible and verifiable manner makes us productive at work – is the ability to respond quickly, the rapid delivery of information. Information rules the world today. Nothing stands in the way of you, and you possess this skill.

“Overwhelmed” – usually those are our colleagues and ourselves as well. The development of technologies, which are available whole day, e-mail, cell phones, instant messaging, Internet, text messages, including paper documents, social media, made everyone feel information overload and the shortage of time to deal with them. Life, however, is a relentless and overwhelming demonstration of will not add to us in the eyes of the boss or co-workers to recognise, on the contrary, it may be that they start looking for someone more efficient at our place.

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What is this series?

  1. How to control the e-mail
  2. How to bring the case to the end
  3. How to effectively conduct meetings
  4. How to implement the principle of “Do it at once”
  5. How to interesting provide presentation

Every week from today, a new episode of the series.

All my entries just touch the topics discussed. For each of them could write a separate book … perhaps I will do. At the moment, however, if you need more information, I invite you to a personal contact individually here.

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