Create Your Own Charisma

Psychology of power has proven many times that a charismatic leader (leader) can count on the direct obedience of his subordinates. If you want to bring others to this, get to work. Add yourself charisma!

What is charisma?

The term charisma (by Wikipedia) (/kəˈrɪzmə/; pl. charismata, adj. charismatic) has two senses:

(1) compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others,

(2) a divinely conferred power or talent.

As it regards sense 1, scholars in political science, psychology, and management reserve the term for a type of leadership that is extraordinary; in this field, the term “charisma” is used to describe a particular type of leader who uses “values-based, symbolic, and emotion-laden leader signalling.” For some theological usages, the term is rendered charism, with a meaning the same as sense 2. Since the 1950s, the term has become widely used, with varying meanings, in religion, the social sciences, the media, and throughout Western societies.

Charisma distinguishes “normal” people from those “special”. The belief that there are special people, that is, with special talents, extraordinary influence and mysterious forces, can not be exterminated, as is the case with superstition. Also in contemporary sociology of work is said to be happy that there are “special personality”. It is for example people who (for inexplicable reasons) can pull a business out of a crisis. They are later glorified and assigned to extraordinary entrepreneurial attributes. All these “elect” are attributed radiant charisma, which makes them more valuable, more competent and more sophisticated personalities. It seems even “normal” people are waiting for charismatic figures.

How does charisma arise?

Modern power theories assume that if you are not born with charisma, you can work it out in yourself and then arise by attributing obedience. If so, and you want to develop your career through charisma, you look at the admiration of those who are bestowed upon you, it is your job to initiate the process of assigning you charisma by the people you will find out. It is up to you if you want to be a leader, a bully, a broken will, a control over obedient tools and a renewal, transformer, and transformer.

How does charisma work?

Gloria Beck’s Charismatic Technique (Forbidden Rhetoric – Handbook of manipulation) is a self-presentation method designed to induce others to perceive you as a charismatic personality. It is based on the premise that attribution of this feature is possible due to a planned behaviour change.

How to work out your charisma?

Step 1 – Select the target

The first step to a charismatic personality is to choose the right person. You need the first “victims” to present and declare your uniqueness and as a primer for your uniqueness. Join us to choose these people. Give yourself some time because without the supporters there is no charisma. Watch out for “target” people being similar. They should come from the same social group and have a comparable daytime schedule and similar family and financial conditions.

Because the tendency to trust charismatic leaders is growing at a time of crisis, your “target group” should have personal or professional problems. Worried about their work and, in particular, the underemployed and the management of the company’s fate in the face of troubles are the perfect starting material for any crisis manager who is called temporarily for help. This is a great place to sell yourself as a charismatic saviour in need.

Step 2 – Confirm Charisma

As with other techniques, a certain ability is required. Those who have been successful in exposing their charisma over time are playing so well that they lose the border between the role and the reality. This is not necessarily an advantage: one who believes that he has really special qualities loses his distance, which is the basis of skilful influence on others.

Six tips to become charismatic:

1) Be extremely active

No one talks about the other being “special” if he or she is behaving normally. Daily life is normal. Incorrect, therefore, is all the behaviour that your target will determine. Do not decide for yourself what’s special because you do not have to convince yourself about your charisma.

Ask yourself what your target date looks like. What routine did he get in, what would they change if they were not too phlegmatic? Do not think at the beginning of great changes, just start small. Examine their reactions and learn to sense what kind of activity they admire.

2) Demonstrate whistling on others’ opinions

Mahatma Gandhi said:

 “Do not build your opinion according to others. Thinking for yourself is a sign of fearlessness. “

Show that you are strong and independent. Unwaveringly accept what others say or think about you. Of course, you can take care of this, and in the other words, but never, you can never show it to them, because it will only be a sign of your weakness and give them satisfaction. You are above this.

3) Declare, create new commandments and rules

The news is admirable. The charismatic person is often associated with the visionary. Before the eyes of the imagination, a well-dressed businessman with a gaze fixed on the sky appears. This image is often incorporated into the corporate philosophy. Go to your cronies and offer them something. It does not have to be really new, most important for them to believe it.

4) Pay attention to your unconventional thinking

Unconventional thinking is courageous, means independence, and suggests a change of leadership. So be aware of this, stay in the existing framework. The point is to collect applause from the target, not a real revolt.

5) Say you reject the bureaucracy

The bureaucrats are considered to be the people of limited and small growers with flip-flops. As a charismatic person leave such limitations to others because you always look holistically at reality. You are the driving force, not someone who rewrites and controls everything that has been done.

6) Do some things with conviction and not to draw little benefits

One who wants to get through his or her benefits will not be considered charismatic. The feeling of selflessness is one of charisma. One who sacrifices himself for others freely becomes respected. Be selfless.

If as a result of individual points training you are able to meet all or most of the conditions at once, chances are very high that you have the chance to gain charisma. However, it is necessary to do long exercises as well as the necessary will to “manipulate” people with charisma (which does not need a charismatic person of “birth”). Just knowing how to get charisma does not mean anything. The realisation of various people interested in manipulation from the actually used rhetoric.

Step 3 – Win a supporters group

After you’ve hit your target, there is a high probability that you will be charged with charisma. If you have succeeded in this, you will still have the confirmation of your position. You are expected to play your role every day, your every step will be observed, every movement recorded. Use it as your scene.


ATTENTION at the end

Your position as a charismatic personality remains intact as long as you are successful. If the good pass is over, there is a danger that someone will try to deprive you of your charismatic abilities.

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