Verbotene Rhetorik – Gloria Beck

Programming minds with a reliable hand manipulation

Encountering: capturing people with suspicions, fears and misconceptions
Attractiveness: the methods of attracting those we care about
Power: the art of giving others what they desire
Let them think they are cleverer than you. Let them think they are winning with you. Let them think that they are in control over themselves. And at the same time let them play the roles you write in the script.

People fall into the role instantly and unconsciously. Make them the right game and obey the commands given in an invisible hand of manipulation. It’s high time for you to take over the heads of the surrounding world. You may think that such books should not seem. That manipulation is dirty and unethical. Yes – but it is also hellishly effective.

Let me give you a morally acceptable reason to explore NLP art: what if you meet an unethical opponent stronger than you, and you can not handle without the grip below the waist? Will you take aces in your sleeve or give up?

Gloria Beck, an experienced pedagogue and philosopher, will teach you to break into human minds using:

Techniques of building superstitions,
Addiction techniques other than themselves,
Techniques for creating authority, which can not be resisted,
Anchoring techniques: Pulling someone’s thoughts into the area that interests you,
Impression management techniques,
Twenty-six other NLP masters techniques.
Draw people into their own game.


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