ERRA Regulatory Innovation Day (ERID) Poznań (Poland), May 2016

ERRA Regulatory Innovation Day (ERID)
Poznań (Poland), May 2016

My participation in Discussion panel: Financing innovations: shared sources between regulators, utilities, start-ups and new technology providers


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ModeratorMarcin Burda – Director, London Office – Barclays Investment Bank

Panel Members:
Antonio Vidigal – President of EDP Innovation, EDP-Energias de Portugal, S.A. (introducing EDP’ internal innovation ecosystem)
Witold Sugalski – Director of Development and Innovation at GK PGE, Poland
Agnieszka Okońska – CFO, Director of the Finance and Regulation ENERGA OPERATOR SA
PhD. Michał Turczyk – Director in  R&D and Government Incentives team, Deloitte
Susanne Nies – manager, Corporate Affairs, ENTSO E

Discussing the hesitation of regulators and the financial institutions; how to “ensure” that the supported new innovative technologies or solutions will better serve the system regulation needs and consumer interest.  Introducing the regulatory thinking how to rely on competition to drive innovation against level playing field and how to share the risk of R&D and implementation of new innovations between developers, energy companies and end-users.

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