Ivy Exec Mentor Network

I have the honour to inform you of my new appointment!

I am thrilled to have me join the Ivy Exec mentor roster. My experience and expertise were enough valuable addition to this network.

Welcome to Our Mentor Network

Most C-suite executives have had mentors helping guide their careers. Give your own career a boost with a one-to-one mentoring session focused on your personal career agenda. Our Mentor Network makes it easy to find a seasoned professional in your industry.

Start meeting Mentors

How the Ivy Exec Mentor Network Works?

It’s easy to find and request a mentor

Just browse our mentor page and choose between five and eight mentors you’d like to meet. Then we’ll match you with one. Just click the orange button at the top of the page to get started.

Find relevant mentors quickly by narrowing your search

First, decide what you want to talk about. Then choose the industry expertise you’re looking for in a mentor.

Request between 5 and 8 mentors you’d really like to meet

Why so many mentors? All our mentors volunteer their time and sometimes they can’t take on a request. “Matchmaking” can take a couple of rounds. But rest assured, you’ll be matched with a great one! After you’ve found your mentors, just click “Go To Next Step.” You’re almost there…

ivy instruction

Tell your mentor what you want to talk about during your session

Now you’ll be asked to jot down down a few things you’d like to discuss with your mentor. Then, just click “Submit,” and look for an email confirming we’ve received your request. Matching requires a little time, so please be patient during this all important phase. Your personalized career guidance from a mentor is on its way.


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