Getting Together: Building Relationships As We Negotiate by Fisher and Brown

In the book “Getting Together: Building Relationships As We Negotiate” by Fisher and Brown (which I highly recommend) you will find a healthy recipe for hard negotiations. The book is not very comprehensive but content enough. Written in a textbook, supported by interesting associations for US-Russian negotiations and translatable not only on business but also on private relations.

Authors do not need advertising, just to mention one thing from their professional career:

Roger Fisher – teaches negotiation at the Harvard Law School
Scott Brown – is vice president of the Harvard Negotiation Project

scott brown


What is this compulsory reading about?

In both work and personal life, most of us try to avoid unnecessary conflicts. At the same time, we want to always achieve the best results – achieving our goals and dreams. Is it possible, however, to rigorously enforce your opinion, resolve the problem of divergence, and even conflict of interest, while achieving mutual satisfaction?

This book will guide you step by step through the process of negotiating and sustaining lasting relationships – in business, international contacts, friendship and family.

What are the 6 basic steps to success in negotiations?

  1. Rationalism – Find the balance between emotions and reason
  2. Understanding – Explore and understand the way the other side thinks
  3. Communication – Learn to listen and consult decision-making
  4. Credibility – Be fully trustworthy, but do not believe everything
  5. Persuasion – Do not harm relationships, put on affiliate systems
  6. Acceptance – Seriously treat the other side, even if they are incompatible

For details, you have to read about 200 pages or contact me.

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