Red Notice – Bill Bowder

red notice

This book unmasks the cover-up mechanisms of the Russian authorities in imprisoning Magnitsky and his brutal murder. When the author discovers more lies, the Kremlin appears like a naked king. Bill Browder, as the head of the fund who employed lawyer Magnitsky, takes readers on a long journey to the world of money in New York and London, through hard battles with oligarchs in a wild post-Soviet landscape, to his expulsion from Russia on the recommendation of Putin.

Browder draws a drastic portrait of Russia in which large-scale criminal activity. Browder sheds light on his transformation, from financier to activist to defending human rights, by campaigning for justice against a deceased lawyer and friend. With fraud, bribery, corruption and torture revealed at every turn; the Red Alert is a shocking but true political roller coaster that takes place at the highest levels of power.

For me, this book is something more. First of all, it is easy to visualise because the action happens in times and places that are easy to imagine. Poland, privatisation of state-owned companies, commercialisation, employee shares, participation certificates – sounds familiar? Yes, very familiar. Secondly, as I read biographies of characters such as Browder, I always have the same feelings, I would like to be born again and manage my professional life differently.

I would highly recommend! (Marek – thank you for recommending this book to me)

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