Revenue Assurance – publication

Revenue Assurance – How to ensure business financial security?


Data collected during RA audits and deployments by companies such as EY, PWC, BCG and WeDoTechnologies show that companies lose on average between 2% and 5% of their income by inadequately securing their business on the trial side.

RA is identifying revenue loss, recovering lost revenue, securing further loss, continuous monitoring, and process optimisation. Comprehensive and systematic actions in the layers of people, processes, risks, models, IT environments and performance indicators ensure that every penny paid is invoiced, paid and reported in the future.

Industries that process large volumes of data (transactions) or settle a large number of customers are prone to lose up to 5% of their revenue. Titles of revenue loss vary and depend on the industry.

The full article was published in Controlling and Management magazine 1/2016…

Controlling i Zarządzanie
1 sty 2016

Enterprise Business Assurance – how to protect your business

Relation – VIII Forum Financial Performance & Controlling Management
Effective financial processes for increasing business profitability


I had the great pleasure of being able to join the seventh edition of this meeting and share its experience in the area of Revenue Assurance in the panel: Enterprise Business Assurance – how to ensure business financial security. I am also very pleased that, in the light of the opinions received from the participants, my lecture on a scale of 1-5 was one of the two highest rated lectures with notes: 4,6 (essentials) and 4,8 (presentation). Highly rated my topic table on Revenue Assurance: 4.4 (merit) and 4.4 (speech) were also rated.

I invite you to view the gallery from the events of its organiser:

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Ivy Exec Mentor Network

I have the honour to inform you of my new appointment!

I am thrilled to have me join the Ivy Exec mentor roster. My experience and expertise were enough valuable addition to this network.

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ERRA Regulatory Innovation Day (ERID) Poznań (Poland), May 2016

ERRA Regulatory Innovation Day (ERID)
Poznań (Poland), May 2016

My participation in Discussion panel: Financing innovations: shared sources between regulators, utilities, start-ups and new technology providers


Link do Innopower

ModeratorMarcin Burda – Director, London Office – Barclays Investment Bank

Panel Members:
Antonio Vidigal – President of EDP Innovation, EDP-Energias de Portugal, S.A. (introducing EDP’ internal innovation ecosystem)
Witold Sugalski – Director of Development and Innovation at GK PGE, Poland
Agnieszka Okońska – CFO, Director of the Finance and Regulation ENERGA OPERATOR SA
PhD. Michał Turczyk – Director in  R&D and Government Incentives team, Deloitte
Susanne Nies – manager, Corporate Affairs, ENTSO E

Discussing the hesitation of regulators and the financial institutions; how to “ensure” that the supported new innovative technologies or solutions will better serve the system regulation needs and consumer interest.  Introducing the regulatory thinking how to rely on competition to drive innovation against level playing field and how to share the risk of R&D and implementation of new innovations between developers, energy companies and end-users.

Why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it.

Hi, world! It’s me!


My name is Agnieszka. You can see my full profile in social media LinkedIn, Facebook and Google + via links on this page.

I am a dynamic, outgoing and accomplished finance and regulatory compliance executive with a proven track record in overseeing all aspects of financial management and influencing the development of regulations in the energy industry. My expertise lies in leading organisations through transformation and planning and executing change strategies. I am skilled at mergers and acquisitions and have experience negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

I have a strong power of influence and excellent communication skills. People make the difference, every time, I am friendly and personable and effectively manage relationships with all stakeholders.

So, at the beginning of this year, I decide to create my own blog. Why? What for?

  • Because I have strong habits to help, other people to run their career and working life.
  • Because I have adult children, they start their working life and every day I observe how I can help them, or what problems they encounter.
  • Because I need a new challenge.
  • Because….

I’ll try to share with you: my thoughts, my ideas, my experience, maybe it will be useful for you, maybe not – we will see :).

Visit me if you have time on social media:


Before I’ll finish my first post, I would like to present you my own photographer
(my daughter) who is responsible for the most of the foto posted here.






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